To the Lost Girl Who Started the Fire

When I was a little girl, all the world was magick and romance. There was nothing I couldn’t imagine, no world I couldn’t visit, no story I couldn’t weave with the vibrant palette of my inner vision. The problem I faced was that I viewed myself as separate from all my wonder – to be surrounded by magick, but not of it. I felt Spirit within and around me, but I didn’t know what it was, and I didn’t know that the connection I felt was a recognition of the frequency outside of me matching the frequency within… Read More To the Lost Girl Who Started the Fire



I am not required to fit into the box set out for me. I am not required to fit into the mold designed for me. I am not required to play the part that has been dictated to me. I am not required to shrink myself to hide in someone else’s comfort zone.

I know this now, because I have been blessed with a powerful knowledge, an immovable truth: I am MORE… Read More RISE, QUEEN, RISE!



Have you ever been in a crystal shop and all of a sudden your palm starts tingling as your eye catches some beautiful piece of Mama Earth, and you know somewhere deep inside, there’s a connection taking place, like this crystal is calling out to you to pick it up? So you do, and it’s like plugging into an outlet… Read More TRUST YOUR CRYSTALS



We can’t control what’s going to come next – we can have hopes, make plans, wish for it, prepare for it’s possibility, but we ultimately are at the whims of a maelstrom of shifting alchemical energies and the relationship they have with our individual experience of reality.
But we are not powerless… Read More CHANGE THE GAME



Some bridges are meant to burn. Sometimes we see that first flicker of warning and walk away unscathed. Sometimes we strike the match ourselves in the name of sweet release. But sometimes, even if we try to stop it, the bridge erupts beneath us and we barely make it out in time, choking on the churning smoke that engulfs what once was, our hands and knees skinned with the impact of our escape… Read More THEY WON’T APOLOGIZE