BLOOD BATH: The Unmagick of Periods

Warning: this blog post discusses menstruation in graphic and no-fucks-given detail. If that’s not your thing, this isn’t the blog post for you. I also swear. A lot.

My period is not a magical time, and you shall not convince me otherwise.

With the resurgence (and blatant commercialization) of the Divine Feminine and everyone embracing their inner Goddess, there’s a lot of talk around periods as our Magical Moon Time. And while this may be true for a lot of women, it is absolutely 1000% not the case for all of us, and it’s time someone talked about it… Read More BLOOD BATH: The Unmagick of Periods



There is powerful magick in consciously releasing anything that holds you back, holds you down, or simply digs its claws in so you’re constantly aware of its presence. Tear it free and let it go… Read More CLEAN CUT



Sometimes I hate the world. Sometimes the bitterness and the hatred become too much, suffocating my breath, tightening my chest and throat. The shell I build around myself is meant to protect me, to keep away all the bad of the world so that I can find some desperate thread of peace among all the noise and chaos.

Quiet, just a little quiet… Read More COME AWAY



I am not required to fit into the box set out for me. I am not required to fit into the mold designed for me. I am not required to play the part that has been dictated to me. I am not required to shrink myself to hide in someone else’s comfort zone.

I know this now, because I have been blessed with a powerful knowledge, an immovable truth: I am MORE… Read More RISE, QUEEN, RISE!