Sometimes I hate the world. Sometimes the bitterness and the hatred become too much, suffocating my breath, tightening my chest and throat. The shell I build around myself is meant to protect me, to keep away all the bad of the world so that I can find some desperate thread of peace among all the noise and chaos.

Quiet, just a little quiet… Read More COME AWAY



I am not required to fit into the box set out for me. I am not required to fit into the mold designed for me. I am not required to play the part that has been dictated to me. I am not required to shrink myself to hide in someone elseโ€™s comfort zone.

I know this now, because I have been blessed with a powerful knowledge, an immovable truth: I am MORE… Read More RISE, QUEEN, RISE!



Have you ever been in a crystal shop and all of a sudden your palm starts tingling as your eye catches some beautiful piece of Mama Earth, and you know somewhere deep inside, thereโ€™s a connection taking place, like this crystal is calling out to you to pick it up? So you do, and itโ€™s like plugging into an outlet… Read More TRUST YOUR CRYSTALS