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An artist, writer, yogi & creatrix, Sates channeled over two decades of experience into The Corvus Circle, a deep movement to rekindle our connection with Mother Earth & ourselves, and its accompanying blog, What the Cat Told the Raven, a loving collection of musing & unspoken words.




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New Moon - What the Cat Told the Raven


All is not lost.

The past may not have led where you wished, but it led you here. 

You are on the threshold of all possibility – embrace it, run with it, fly with it.  

The world is yours.

The New Moon is one of my absolute favourite times of the month.  It’s like a fresh slate for my Soul; turning a new page in my heart’s journal.  I can take time to look back on the past month and decide what wasn’t working for me, what didn’t agree with my spirit, what doused my fire.  Where was I holding myself back from expanding into my truth?  From letting my authentic voice call out, loud and pure? 

As the Full Moon brings an opportunity to let go of what holds us back, the New Moon is our opportunity to bring in the things that will take us forward, move us farther from what’s held us in the past and towards what we’re desiring to see in our lives. 

Let’s Start Over

The New Moon is the ultimate time of new beginnings, whether it’s new habits, practices, or relationships, including with ourselves (especially with ourselves).  It’s the time to start fresh, begin again, change the plan.

Whatever your little heart desires.

This is perhaps why it’s one of my favourite times – it’s like a spiritual restart button.  It’s the invisible light that shines through the darkness that swallows me when I allow myself to be immersed in my perceived failures.  It’s very easy for me to be pulled into a dark mental place where I feel like I’m drowning in everything that’s going wrong or stalling out or not working.  I see waste where I wish to see production.

“Why didn’t I work harder?  How am I still in this place?  This is all my fault.  I’m going nowhere.”

Sound familiar, love?

But then the New Moon comes around and it’s as if the giant stone blocking the entrance to the cave I’ve buried myself in quietly rolls aside.  Suddenly this silvery light of renewal shines in and brings hope, faith, and support.  

“It’s okay,” She says. “You don’t have to stay here.  Come forward with me.”

I find myself looking up, daring to trust that hope, to have faith that I can begin right here; that this isn’t the end.  This new beginning gives me the strength to stand up and try again.  To face the empty landscape of my future and cultivate it as I wish.

(And yes, I understand the New Moon is dark and there is no moonlight but bear with me – I’m being fancy and metaphorical.)

Be the Artist of Your Own Reality

We hold all the power in the creation of our lives, and the New Moon reminds us of this, offering us a blank canvas every month to decorate as we please, with whatever our dreams call to us.  

What song do they sing?

Let the New Moon inspire you; let it breathe oxygen into the embers of your blaze and spark it back to dancing life.  Feel the motivation and drive running through your veins, that intense and sudden need to move, to do, to create.  

Learn from the past and understand the lessons it brought you.  They’re valid, and despite how you may feel about them, they brought you to where you are now.  Accept them, thank them, and leave them to rest where they are.  Then turn towards your dawn – focus on that beautiful, glowing horizon and know that your future is as bright as your spirit.

“There is something beautiful coming, even if it’s only the sun.” – Ashe Vernon

Chin up, darling.  The power is still yours.

Shake off the dust of the past and the lethargy of what “didn’t”.  You can’t see the light of the future if you’re still looking at the shadows over your shoulder.

Breathe deep the air of your new dawn and let it fuel your fire.  

You’ve got this.

Deepest blessings and love to you this New Moon.  

To new beginnings,

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