Beyond the mists and through the trees,

Beneath the pale moonlight,

In the shadow of an ancient oak,

There occurred a curious sight.

The Cat meowed and pawed the earth,

Her eyes aglow with gold,

And the Raven peered down from his perch,

Listening as the tale was told.

“There is laughter in the forest,

Echoing all around.

There are colours weaving through the Wind,

And the drums have begun to sound.

Winter’s silence has been broken,

And there are fires burning bright.

The Witches have returned to dance – 

There is Magick afoot tonight.”

What the Cat Told the Raven

When our solitary path leads us to the edge of the wild Unknown, we must shake off our fear, spread our wings, and take a true leap of faith.  Like the Cat weaving her tale to the Raven, my eyes and heart alight with the discovery of magick.  And like the wise Raven, Spirit quietly watches my reawakening, as I feel the transformation triggered within me and begin to explore.

Witchcraft has always been there for me.  As a child, it gave my imagination a playground it had only dreamed of.  As a teen, it gave me a safe space to channel my energy.  And as an adult, it has shone steadfast in my heart, in times when all other lights have gone out.

The earthen path I’ve found myself wandering has brought me so many lessons, revelations, and rebirths.  Sometime along the way my unsteady footsteps turned into dance, and the music of a world made of magick flowed through me, moving me, guiding me.  I feel it right to the galaxies buried in my bones when the candles, waves or wind rise to join me.  Magick’s dance is ancient and eternal, and anytime I misstep I know I can find my rhythm again by connecting the drum in my heart to the drum in the earth. 

When I looked at my life and chose to want something better, I stepped away from the world and went within, embarking on a journey to rediscover my own inner realms.  I opened old wounds and released all their poisons so they could finally heal.  I cut cords with the past that held me in place and nourished ones hanging by a thread. I burned the pages I no longer wanted to read in the flames of bridges to places I didn’t care to see again.  I offered the ashes to the winds that began to play with my hair and bathed in the bright moonlight.  And I slept.  

It was in the quiet of my spirit’s winter that I gently and profoundly transformed.  My slumber held space for deep healing alchemy and when I opened my eyes I could suddenly see the light dancing inside them.  And somewhere in my core, a phoenix stirred.

I’m reawakened, and so is my magick.  I’ve shaken off the dust of a thousand years and witnessed a new dawn.  Laughter bubbles up my throat and I sing to the Earth as She sings back.  I hear Her voice all around me and feel the sacred music in my veins, like waves rolling beneath the surface of my skin and I know that I carry whole worlds inside me.

I hear the stories of the rivers and the whispers of the fire.  The compass inside me hums as I hear the forest calling, and in the distance, the wolves sing their own song to the answering ravens.  

Deep and clear, I hear the drums, and my feet begin to move.

Maybe if you listen long enough, you’ll start to hear them too.

Welcome to the Circle.

Until we merry meet again,

SATES - What the Cat Told the Raven

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