a love letter for Autumn

This is my most favourite time of year.  

I love the changing colours, the changing landscape, the change in the air. . .

Things transform in the autumn.  

The world all around begins its timeless dance of shedding what is ready to be let go, and going into a place of peace and rest.  

Witnessing this cycle stirs a familiar wind within me, gently raising things to my attention that must be acknowledged and parted with, no longer ignored and trampled underfoot.  

I can feel it swirling, a beautiful, uplifting current, first within, bringing my heart to life and encircling my ribs, then across my skin in gentle caresses, an old and welcome friend.  

I can close my eyes as the energy moves me, my hair lifting to join in the dance.  

Like the cleansing magick of fire, all around me it rises in vibrant shades of red and gold, a living symbol of the spiritual unity between blood and sunlight. 

The Light shining from You is the Light that shines within Me.  

And just as Great Mother sheds Her release beneath Your rays, so shall I let go with love from the glow I carry inside.  

I am honoured to be Your daughter and humbled to carry this incredible gift You blessed Your children with.  

Just as You teach us what we can endure, so You teach us how to let go.  


Always with balance.  

I call to the winds of change, the chariots of Mabon, to carry me high and let me dance with the falling leaves of my world.

One last, loving encounter before we say goodbye.  

And such a peaceful goodbye it is.  

SATES - What the Cat Told the Raven

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